Professionalism, motivation, specialization

With an experience of over 15 years, Nursing Project provides health services mainly in the field of occupational medicine, outpatient facilities, operating room and specialist home care.

A motivated team, which shares the same principles and values, where professionals are every day committed to provide high quality services to their customers.
Nursing Project provides health services throughout the country, thanks to a network of professionals and structures implemented over the years.

Nursing Project, as an IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council) training center, provides courses to health professionals as well as to the general population and company employees.

Our quality policy

Nursing Project aims to maintain a quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


Our mission

Our mission, inspired by the awareness of the high value of health, is to offer a better quality of life, providing high quality services to our customers. Each of our activities and each of our collaborators, places the needs of the client at the center, with specific rights and needs, respecting their dignity and freedom.

All Nursing Project collaborators are professionals who work with enthusiasm, a spirit of solidarity and professional ethics.

Our values

Focus on the patient

Clients are at the center of every choice, we take care of them holistically, considering their social relationships and the environmental context in which they live. The relationship with patients is based on attention, constant listening and the measurement of satisfaction. The same attention is placed on supporting the patient’s family members and people close to him / her, in particular in the terminal phase of the disease and in the moment of loss and elaboration of bereavement.

Central role of working partners and collaborators

Working partners and collaborators, in full synergy and in compliance with the solidarity values that unite them, pursue the goal of new job opportunities for themselves and for new workers.

Customer focus and service development

The customer is at the center of strategic and operational choices. We constantly measure the level of satisfaction with the service provided.

Competence and professional growth

Competence and professional experience are the basis of Nursing Project success. Our objectives are the enhancement of human resources and professional growth.

Ethics and transparency

Responsibility and fairness are the cornerstones of our relationship with customers, collaborators and the entire community.

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