Are you a nurse and want advice on opening a “Partita IVA”?

Nursing Project provides consulting services to nurses who want to become self-employed or who simply want to be informed.

Info and costs

For appointments in Monza contact our offices at
+39 0395964062.
The consultation fee is Euro 90.00 and the session lasts about 60/90 minutes.

We offer assistance on every aspect related to the profession as a freelancer


Nursing project helps you to understand all the aspects of the self-employed nurse and “Partita IVA” to facilitate your choice.


Nursing Project assists you in fulfilling the bureaucratic formalities such as registration with social security, communication to the “Ordine Professionale” (official registry of nurses), Partita IVA, invoicing.


Through our company it is possible to access to a list of preferred accountants, insurers, labor consultants, competent doctors and analysis laboratories.

During the consultancy meeting we explore the following topics:

Ordinary and flat-rate tax regimes

Social security and welfare aspects

Employment relations

Professional responsibility

Insurance aspects

Safety regulation and high-risk training for nurses

Suitability for the job and examinations as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008

ECM training

Requirements to work as a self-employed nurse

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