Self-employed nurse

Take advantage of the opportunities as a
self-employed nurse

Nursing Project informs and assists you in all the steps to take towards the development of the self-employed profession.

The self-employed nurse role is increasingly popular among nurses in Italy.

Self-employed practice is growing quantitatively, as per the growing numbers of enrollments into “Ente di Providenza” and “ENPAPI Assistance”, and through the development of opportunities and services that meet the nurses’ new needs.

With Nursing Project you can get all the information and help to open and manage a “Partita IVA”, to fulfill the paperwork and to take advantage of economic and tax benefits.


Find all the answers to questions related to nurses’ freelance profession: 

We are at your disposal

Nursing Project provides a 360-degree consultancy on all aspects concerning nurses and the freelance profession.


What are the requirements to open and manage a ”Partita IVA”?

Find out what are all the steps to open a “Partita IVA” and start as a self-employed nurse.


Who can help me to begin as a self-employed nurse?

Nursing Project assists you in all phases of registration to a “Partita IVA” and informs you on how to utilize it.

You want to open a “Partita IVA” and need help?

Nursing Project provides consultancy to nurses who wants to become self-employed or simply want more information.