Occupational Medicine

Health, safety, prevention

Occupational medicine’s goal is to safeguard human health and safety in the workplace, prevent occupational diseases and avoid all types of accidents at work.

We have ten years of experience in the field of occupational medicine on services to be performed at companies:

and for the management and supervision of company nursery, for first aid and health surveillance activities.
We also supply the consumables used at the company nursery.

Our nursing personnel collaborates with the responsible doctor in managing the visits.

We operate both at the direct request of the company with execution of the service and reporting, and on behalf of health facilities specialized in the provision of occupational health services.

We have developed a network of agreements at a national level that allows us to be present with analysis laboratories and outpatient clinics in every region and province.

We manage employee vaccination campaigns, booking, scheduling, vaccine supply and conservation (cold chain), administration, management of administrative procedures.

With regard to the Covid 19 screening activity, we organize the execution, both at the company and at the employee’s home, of antigenic and molecular swabs with reporting in a few hours.

As a training center, we can provide first aid courses to the first aid workers and BLSD courses at the company’s location with the release of authorization for the use of the defibrillator.

We offer numerous initiatives, such as the implementation of telemedicine, agreements with health facilities, health education days for employees, screening campaigns.
Collection and disposal of potentially infected waste.

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