Nursing services

Home assistance

Home care is guaranteed by nursing and support staff. Our home care professionals are equipped with the necessary tools for the execution of the service.

Hospitalization and care facilities

Nursing Project provides, through the experience and expertise of its nursing staff, a complete support to shelter, hospice and health care facilities for the elderly and disabled. We ensure an efficient coordination of healthcare staff through customized solutions for consultancy and direct service management. In addition to health services (doctors, nurses, support staff), rehabilitation, welfare services and hotel services can also be guaranteed.

Polyclinic activity

Nursing Project provides nursing staff for medical clinics and multi-specialized polyclinic facilities. Professionals are prepared for different specialties: from nursing care for outpatient surgery, to cardiology (cardiac ‘holter’ and pressure monitoring, stress testing), urology, endoscopy, blood sampling, and many other activities.

Labor medicine

Labor medicine services are targeted at safeguarding the health and safety of people in the workplace, preventing labor diseases and avoiding all types of accidents at work.  We operate both at the request of the company with performance and reporting, in collaboration with medical specialists and analysis laboratories, and on behalf of health structures specializing in labor health.  We also supply consumables in use at the company infirmary, at extremely competitive prices, in addition to training for company first aid workers.


We organize First Aid Courses for companies, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Courses for the population and employees of companies and sports clubs, training courses for health professionals (doctors and nurses). All courses can be organized either at our premises, at the company’s or school’s premises that request those.

Consultancy for freelancers

Nursing Project provides consultancy services to nurses who want to start a profession as freelancer or simply want to be informed.